REVIEW: Elf the Musical

The Ordway kindly invited me to opening night of Elf the Musical, which is based on the popular movie starring Will Farrell.  I am a fan of the movie so I was excited at the opportunity.  I was weary that the music would not live up to the movie and, unfortunately, that was the case.  Elf the Musical is written for the younger crowd.  There were adorably excited kids everywhere, dressed in their Christmas Day best.  The Ordway was gorgeously decorated and lively music played throughout the lobby.  It was fun to see that the kids were so excited to be there and that always bodes well if you’ve got young ones to entertain.

The musical itself, however, lacks in several major areas including character development and memorable music.  It can’t be blamed for lacking Will Farrell’s spark as the main character Buddy, but at least the lead actor had an amazing voice.  His voice was almost too perfect that it contradicted the unsophisticated character.  He played the part as goofily as he could, at the expense of any emotional depth or nuance.  There is a lot of overacting as a whole and the characters were fairly one-dimensional.  The musical score was instantly forgettable.  The set decoration, however, was very charming and whimsical.

Elf the Musical is very sweet, with lively colors, chipper characters and skippy dances.  It’s just too sweet and left me feeling like I had eaten three plates of Christmas cookies.  Children, however, will adore it.

In conclusion, if you’ve got young ones brimming with holiday spirit, be sure to take them to see Elf the Musical.  You’ll be their hero for it.  Just don’t expect to see a live version of the movie, as you will likely be disappointed.

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Elf the Musical will run at the Ordway through December 30, 2012
Tickets start at $35