REVIEW: Ferris Mueller’s Day Off

I attended the opening performance of Ferris Mueller’s Day Off with a good friend of mine last night. Like a lot of progressives in the deep blue Metro area, this friend was in desperate need of a laugh after the news of the past few weeks. As a professional woman and second generation immigrant, I can’t help but think that Ferris was specifically written for her. There’s something therapeutic about having a drink or two and sharing a laugh about the sheer volume of absurdities of the world today. While it may be difficult to find anything funny about racial discord, an impending global trade war, bias in the workplace, or the constant eroding of political norms, the Brave New Workshop is at its comedic best when it pushes the line of what they can poke fun at without the subject matter getting too dark. Although the overall theme of the show is political, it sprinkles in pieces of observational humor, covering everything from misguided diversity casting in Hollywood to decorative pillows embroidered with insipid mantras, to keep things from getting too heated.  The cast and writers of Brave New Workshop rarely fail to entertain, and this is one more production that I am happy to recommend.

DEAL ALERT: A limited number of discount tickets are available from Goldstar.  Discount tickets are also available for students, seniors, and military members.

Ferris Mueller’s Day off is at the Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis through October 27, 2018.

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