REVIEW: Matilda the Musical

There’s a strong sense of nostalgia when it comes to Matilda, a relatively new musical based on the widely popular  book by Ronald Dahl. The story of a smart and kind 5 year old girl who is willing to call out injustices and chart her own destiny is a story to love in any time in history. Matilda is easy to root for. There’s certainly no reason why her parents, played by Autumn Ness and Dean Holt (delightfully resembling the Thénardiers from Les Miserables) dislike her.  For as wonderful as Matilda is, her parents and also her school’s headmistress do not appreciate her potential. The irredeemable headmistress is a terror in the lives of the entire cast and makes her parents look gentle in comparison. It’s enjoyable seeing Matilda get her revenge on those who cross her, however, with a series of pranks. Matilda’s mischief escalates as she as comes to learn she is capable of telekinesis. Perhaps that’s what makes Matilda special, she’s a confident, knowledgeable girl who shall not be pushed.

As I’ve come to expect with all Children’s Theatre productions, the quality of this show is top notch. It’s a wonderful opportunity to revisit a childhood favorite or introduce this classic to a child you know.

Matilda the Musical is at The Children’s Theatre in Minneapolis through June 23, 2019. Click here for ticket info.
DEAL ALERT: Ticket prices are generally lower on weekdays

Photo by Dan Norman