REVIEW: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus: Live on Stage

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus: Live on Stage strongly resembles a stand-up comedy special about the sexes and the characteristic differences between them.  Actor Peter Story is the one man cast.  If you think he looks a lot like Seth Rogan, in both style and appearance, you would not be wrong.  I found him to be both likeable and funny.

Although the show takes aim at both sexes and their faults, men get most of the brunt here.  In this show, men are the doofy husbands who cause their wives to become cryptically emotional.  You could see a few of the jokes coming a mile away, but that’s because you can draw from your own personal experiences, the truth in the jokes, and the fact that the source material has been around since 1992.  I found the portrayal of men a bit unrelatable, perhaps because my husband is not the stereotypical sitcom oaf that makes for easy fodder.  Part of why he is different than most men, however, was highlighted in the show and it was cool to learn why we get along so well… (The More You Know!)  I wont spoil it for you, but it has to do with the points system.

Overall, I laughed, I learned and I had a great time.  My guest liked it so much she is getting tickets for tonight so she can see it again with her husband.

This show is in town for one more night only (Saturday, March 7, 2015) at the Pantages Theatre in Minneapolis.  Tickets are $52.50.