REVIEW: Rise Up O Men!

The Church Basement Ladies are back, this time featuring the men of the church with Rise Up, O Men.

Rise Up, O Men!
shows us a couple of days in the life of a small rural Lutheran church circa 1964.  Several of the actors reprise their roles from the “Church Basement Ladies” series of plays that originated at the Plymouth Playhouse twelve years ago and have toured the country time and again since then.

Each member of the cast of Rise Up, O Men! has a strong and expressive singing voice, comedic timing, and could carry a show by themselves.  But lucky for us, they have been brought together into an ensemble to entertain and touch our hearts through this play. Along with the excellent singing and expressive speaking voices, the acting ensemble moved effortlessly through the choreography, which skillfully used the entire stage.  Rise Up, O Men! is an enjoyable and entertaining play which shows the acceptance of imperfections in one another as we live our very ordinary lives. It does so with humor and compassion, and a great amount of energy and skill. It was clear that the set designers had done their research, as details gave the setting of the church basement authenticity.  For those who have experienced small rural churches in the 1960’s, you will recognize the place and the people.  For those who haven’t, you will see people you know in these very human characters.

There are a few weeks remaining (the run has been extended to May 21), so there is time to gather a group of family and friends and share this enjoyable musical comedy which is sure to entertain.

Through May 21, 2017
Plymouth Playhouse
2705 Annapolis Ln N
Ticket prices vary by showtime.

Review by Colleen Kwong