REVIEW: Shaping Sound

Travis Wall’s Shaping Sound: Dance Reimagined is the live So You Think You Can Dance episode the audience was hoping for (Wall is a choreographer on the popular TV competition series, amongst others).  It was clear Travis Wall has a large following as immediately after the curtain went up, the crowd was audibly excited and amped up.

If you’re unfamiliar with Travis Wall’s choreography, it’s contemporary dance fused with jazz and some light hip hop.  Overall, I found the show quite enjoyable. The wedge bed was a disappointing borrowed prop used from the SYTYCD set and constant themes of lovers being forced apart by other dancers seemed rehashed or uninspired. Despite those critiques, it was a very enjoyable show. It was impressively hip and fun for every demographic.

Unfortunately, Shaping Sound: Dance Reimagined was only at The Ordway for one evening.  For more information on upcoming Ordway shows, click here.