REVIEW: Smelling Elon’s Musk

The Brave New Workshop is back with another production with an “Eat the Rich” theme. In each production, the Brave New Workshop blends pop culture, politics and pure wackiness to its comedy skits. From identifying the true motive in MacKenzie Scott’s and Melinda French Gates’s true motives for their charitable contributions to poking fun of billionaires with rocket ships, this latest show is a welcome diversion that kept me laughing the whole time. By the time they got to a skit featuring an elaborate ode to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, I started to regret not apply water-proof mascara because I was crying with laughter.  As with may Brave New Workshop performances, you just have to see it to understand why this could possibly be so funny. It’s the subtle nuances, the inflection in the actors’ voices, the sleeveless hoodie (and message on the back), and the absurdity of it all that made it so hilarious. Conservative billionaires will likely not find the humor in this show, but that leaves plenty of comedy gold for the rest of us to enjoy.

Smelling Elon’s Musk is at the Dudley Riggs Theatre through May 20, 2023

DEAL ALERT: A limited number of discount tickets are available via Goldstar