REVIEW: Snow White

Is it possible to tell the story of Snow White with just two actors?  I know I couldn’t do it, but The Children’s Theatre Company’s new production of the classic Grimm Brothers fairy tale is a remarkable display of fourth-wall-be-damned acting and directing prowess.  The actors are dynamic and full of energy, embodying the various characters of the story so deeply, they can trade off portraying the same character and you don’t miss a beat.  Dean Holt’s use of nothing more than a hat to play all seven dwarves is really quite remarkable.  Joy Dolo is also masterful as the wicked queen, but really it’s the team effort that really makes this work.  A few kids in the audience were vocally confused by the diversity casting as the play started, but within minutes they were completely captivated.

This is a play for kids, but it is also whip smart, subtly (and not-so-subtly) progressive, and quite funny, if a little dark in places.  This definitely isn’t Walt Disney, but it’s not Guillermo del Toro, either.   There are a number of interactive elements, which are encouraged by the “super-thrust stage” which is surrounded by the audience on three sides.  Kids are encouraged to clap and cheer to steer the story along.  In all, this is a story that everyone can enjoy, so get the kids (or borrow your nieces and nephews for the afternoon) and treat yourself to a delightful afternoon.

Snow White is at the Children’s Theatre Cargill Stage in Minneapolis through December 8, 2019. Tickets start at $15.

Photo by Glen Stubbe Photography