REVIEW: Step Afrika

The current show is not Step Afrika’s regular touring show, but a reissue of a 2011 work called “Migration.” This  high-energy show essentially starts in Africa and follows the path of diaspora to the Western Hemisphere, and ends with a number depicting the movement of individuals and families from the South to northern cities during the early part of the 20th century.

The company identifies themselves as primarily a stepping troupe, but from the traditional African dances in the first half to some tapping in the second half, the company shows that they are equally adept at many different styles. In addition to the variety of dance and musical styles, the group choreography and understated but evocative costumes meant that every scene was fascinating and beautiful.

Usually during a dance show, I quickly find my favorite dancers (even without trying) and tend to focus on them during all the group numbers. But in this show, every single dancer was a standout!  They all brought their own style and excitement to every number, and no matter who you choose to watch on the stage, you literally could not make a bad (or even mediocre) choice. That said, there were also virtuoso performances by several dancers, percussionists, and a couple of Minneapolis-based singers.

A highly recommended show!

Unfortunately, Step Afrika was only at The Ordway for one evening.  For more information on upcoming Ordway shows, click here.

Photo by Meredith Hanafi; Review by Karen Cieminski