REVIEW: The Mikado

The Mikado is a classic operetta by the artistic duo Gilbert and Sullivan, known for their musical talents and timeless sense of humor.  Director Rick Shiomi updates the story for modern sensibilities, transporting the setting from Imperial Japan to Edwardian England, circa 1910.  With men sporting morning coats and top hats and the ladies flaunting dresses with layers of petticoats, its clear the costume department was well prepared for the change. Given the size of the theater, which is intimate and comfortable, it felt at times like there were too many people on the stage. This is a trivial matter of choreography, however, which was easily overshadowed by the quality of the performances.  The live orchestra, tucked off to the side, was a special treat.  In all, it was quite an enjoyable evening. The actors are well-cast; everyone sang and danced together seamlessly.  Overall, this production is quite grand for the venue.

The show runs through April 7, 2019
Howard Conn Fine Arts Center inside the Plymouth Congregational Church
1900 Nicollet Avenue South
Tickets start at $16

Review by Peter Kwong