Review: The Mill City Museum

24"x36" canvas gallery wrap of the Mill City Museum $500

Last week I visited the Mill City Museum for the first time.  Overall, I’d give this museum a B-.  Let’s start with the pros.  This museum is absolutely gorgeous and has stunning views of the Mississippi River and the Stone Arch Bridge.  I enjoyed the stories of squatters living in the abandoned mill and The “Flour Tower” elevator exhibit that goes up to the observation deck.  The rest of the museum, however, is a snore.  A museum about flour just isn’t that interesting to me (although my husband was pretty fascinated).  Sure the history of flour is the history of Minneapolis but weren’t terribly interesting.  I don’t think old cereal boxes and Pillsbury Dough Boy salt and pepper shakers from only a few decades ago are that interesting but maybe that’s because my last two trips were to London and Egypt.  About 33% of the exhibits are also kid focused so the museum seemed quite small to me.  I paid $5 admission during Mill City Live and for the music combo and museum I thought that was a good deal but the regular admission price is $10 for an adult.  Overall my advice is to visit this museum but wait for a discount ticket offering.