REVIEW: The Phantom of the Opera

The national tour of The Phantom of the Opera is back in Minneapolis after a two-year break.  We’re about one-third of the way through Phantom‘s ten-year production cycle, so the staging of the show this go-around is largely the same as the last time it was here.  There are a few scenes in which the dialogue has been punched up with a bit more humor, but nearly everything else is unchanged.  For a show with a 33-year history, Phantom of the Opera still dazzles.  I took my review from 2017 and inserted my current thoughts in bold below.

When it comes to musicals, The Phantom of the Opera delivers the most bang for your buck and production after production is reliable entertainment!  Still rings true! Every number is a showstopper; nothing feels like filler.  The vocal talent is extraordinary across the board. There isn’t one performer I could nitpick! It’s easy to be critical with such challenging vocal roles, but the cast seemed to effortlessly achieve a magnificent performance.  In addition, the booming orchestra lent a fantastic sense of intensity to the score, which is just as critical as the vocals because this is music you really want cranked up to eleven!

The set is elaborate and rich, with special effects guaranteed to delight.  Every scene is a visually enchanting, with meticulous costumes and set pieces.  This is definitely one show to splurge on tickets as seats on the main floor below the infamous chandelier will immerse you in the action. This time around I was further back on the main floor and the experience was not as amazing.

Once again, I left the theater thoroughly impressed and I strongly believe that this is one touring show that you do not want to miss. Don’t miss it even if your saw it in 2017!

The Phantom of the Opera is at the Orpheum Theatre through December 1, 2019.  Tickets start at $50.

DEAL ALERT #1: Student Rush Tickets are available for all performances.  2 tickets per valid ID; $30 per ticket, cash only; available only at the Orpheum Theatre Box Office beginning 2 hours prior to each performance; student/educator must be present with valid ID at time of purchase; resale or transfer of rush tickets is strictly prohibited and all tickets are subject to availability.

DEAL ALERT #2: Some discount tickets are available via Goldstar.

Photo by Matthew Murphy