REVIEW: The Secret Comedy of Women

I had the pleasure of attending The Secret Comedy of Women this week, which is playing at The New Century Theatre in downtown Minneapolis.  I consider myself a feminist (new wave, post-second wave, whatever) and I went into this show with a fair amount of skepticism because I wasn’t sure if all of the jokes would be cliche or outdated.  I was quite relieved to discover that this show just happens to be about all women, but in a way that isn’t boring or overly stereotypical.  Both my friend and I had a really fun time and got more than a few laughs out of this madcap comedy.  The show features a mix of singing, dance, sketch comedy, improv, video and even puppet theater!  During all parts, except the “diary” scene, the dialogue is fast-paced and keeps moving.

As mentioned above, it was interesting to me to see how a show of this nature can be so universal for women without being trite or cliche.  I left feeling that I really had seen something new.

One thing to note, this really is “For Girls Only.”  Don’t even think about taking a guy to see this. Even the most enlightened metrosexual will feel awkward and be unable to relate to the content.  Take your girlfriends and have a fun night out Sex-in-the-City-style.

Tickets are regularly $30.  You can find discount ticket options through Half Off Deals and they also offer B1G1 tickets on Wednesdays with coupon code GIRLFRIENDS.

The show runs through March 18, 2012.