Review: The Ten Second Film Festival

I attended the Ten Second Film Festival for the first time this year.  This free show takes place outdoors at The Soap Factory right after the Minneapolis Red, White and Boom fireworks.  We got there right when the “doors” opened at 8pm and there was plenty of space to find a good spot in front of the screen.  There was live music playing across the street, which you could hear quite nicely from in front of The Soap Factory.  There were also food booths nearby and $2 Budweiser cans available for purchase.  The view of the fireworks from The Soap Factory is not too bad.  Most of the lower stuff is not visible but I have a feeling that is true for most viewing spots along the river because there are so many buildings.  I didn’t feel like I missed out on much.

Right after the fireworks the show began.  The Ten Second Film Festival featured 10, 10 second films in 10 categories (100 films).  Each category had a funny intro and the films were judged, with the winners being awarded trophies.  There was a good variety of films and the fact that they are only 10 seconds long kept the show moving.  Some were artsy, some were odd, some were gross, some were risque and others were just plain hilarious.  It was a fun event and something really unique.  To get a really good idea of what it’s like, you can see this YouTube video from the 2008 event, which sums it up pretty well.

Tip: Bring folding chairs to sit on as the field outside The Soap Factory is full of pointy cut down weeds and gravel and no blanket is going to make that comfortable.