REVIEW: The Ultimate Pajama Party

Before the party got hoppin’

Last night I attended The Ultimate Pajama Party, which just opened this week in Minneapolis.

This phenomenal NEW girls-night-out theater experience blends a show, a party, & a dance into one interactive experience just for women! The Ultimate Pajama Party® features hysterical cast members who are throwing the ULTIMATE Pajama Party for their best friend Lisa. After a bad breakup with Steve, a dead-end job and years spent not pursuing her dreams; Lisa is ready to celebrate new beginnings!

I found this event to be much more like attending a party than seeing a show.  The Lab Theater is a fantastic venue with lots of charm that has been decorated to really convey a party atmosphere. California Closets sponsored a photo bed with lots of props for inspiring a little creative fun and the performers continued to mingle about the room and encourage conversation.  This wasn’t the kind of event where you sat in your seat the whole time.  Throughout the evening you could get up, grab some more snacks, do a little dance or just mingle about.

Throughout the evening there were also plenty of snacks to nibble on by Crave such as mini sandwiches  taco cups, cheese and crackers and desserts.  If you go, be sure to pace yourself as the snack options change throughout the evening.  There was a cash bar with mostly wine options and the bubbly served in a lit martini cup was a big hit.

I found that most of the scripted material focused too much on female stereotypes and was not terribly memorable with an exception being the 50 Shades of Gray puppet show.  The singing and dance performances were not stellar but this was consistent with the theme that you are at a large party with your friends instead of at a show.  What sticks in my mind the most is just how much fun me and my girlfriends had.  I think The Ultimate Pajama Party really excels at one thing and that is inspiring conversation and inspring you to have fun in whatever way is meaningful to you.  The multiple skits, performances and activities really were good at getting conversation going.  I learned a few knew things about my friends, that’s for sure! The Party is not a play where you sit quietly in a dark theater and watch the performance.  For most of the evening the house lights are on and it doesn’t even seem taboo to make comments to your friends while something is happening on stage.  I thought this format was really cool.

If you really want to go all out, be sure to purchase tickets for the VIP couch seating.  Your seats come with the service of your very own cabana boy who would love nothing more than to get you a drink or be a dance partner during the numerous opportunities to shimmy and shake it.

The Ultimate Pajama Party runs through February 10 at The Lab Theater in Minneapolis.  Due to the elaborate nature of the production and the fact that food is included, tickets are regularly $69.  If you’re lucky, however, you can snag heavily discounted tickets from Goldstar for select performances.

Disclaimer: The Ultimate Pajama Party graciously provided me with tickets to this show so I could write a review.