REVIEW: The Working Dead

I’ve come to expect hilarious, unique comedy from the Brave New Workshop, but I have to admit, I assumed The Working Dead would be heavily inspired by the cult comedy, Office Space. Instead, The Brave New Workshop put together a series of sketches that felt new and fresh, even if the tone of life in corporate America hasn’t changed much in decades.  The Working Dead pokes fun of everything from smoke breaks to interoffice relationships and oversharing amongst coworkers with nothing in common except an employer. It’s material everyone can relate to. Even if you’ve never worked in an office, odds are high that you have a family member or friend who has and you’ve heard stories that will make all of this content relatable.  Although most BNW productions have a heavy, leftist political tone, Working Dead largely avoids the political topics. Therefore, there’s finally a BNW production that you can take your grumbly uncle to!

The Working Dead is at the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theater through June 11, 2016.  Discount ticket opportunities are frequently available. Also keep in mind that they cap the Friday and Saturday night performances with a bonus improv show. Those nights you get the most bang for your buck!