REVIEW: She Kills Monsters

Congratulations to the cast of She Kills Monsters on their opening night at Theater in the Round; Minneapolis’s oldest theater in the city!

She Kills Monsters follows the story of Agnes (Scarlet Cheney) after the death of her sister Tilly (Ava Vice).  Agnes and Tilly weren’t close as sisters yet Agnes misses Tilly terribly after her death.   Agnes comes upon Tilly’s diary but needs the help of a D & D Dungeon Master to decode what the diary means.  Chuck, the Dungeon Master (Jason Wilson) helps Agnes travel thru the world of Dungeons and Dragons where Agnes is able to experience a alternate reality that brought such joy to her sister. Our Narrator (Elliott Van Winkle) helped set the scene as the production moved thru the story.

This play, adapted to a Young Adventurer’s production, stays true to the original script while allowing for a younger audience to enjoy.  The 90’s music played during the show had many silently singing along. Many throw back comments to a memorable decade was enjoyable for everyone. The unique set up of this Theater, with the audience circling the stage, which was in the middle and all around, allowed for an immersive experience for the night.

Some of the characters were a bit hard to hear.  I hope that after the opening night jitters are out that the actors are able to fully enjoy their hard work for all of their performances. Even if you have never played role-playing games, like me, this play is still very enjoyable.

She Kills Monsters is at Theatre in the Round in Minneapolis through November 5, 2023. Tickets start at 18.

Review by Rachel Gorman