Safe at Home at Mixed Blood Theatre

Safe at Home is a new show from Mixed Blood Theatre taking place at CHS Field in St. Paul. Tickets are available for purchase but you can also see this show for FREE with their Radical Hospitality program.  The show runs through March 12, 2017 at CHS Field (also the box office for the show).

This 18-character, 9-scene thriller uses baseball to examine flawed U.S. immigration policies, racial politics, America’s obsession with celebrity, and the collision of personal ethics with massive entertainment and media dollars.

Audience members will journey for 90 minutes in small groups throughout the St. Paul Saints stadium, encountering scenes in a locker room, press box, luxury suite, and men’s room. While venturing into stadium spaces rarely visited by the public, they will be voyeurs into the intimate conversations of umpires, managers, mascots, politicians, fans, vendors, and players, performed by a multi-national cast.

Safe At Home is a treat for theater lovers, baseball aficionados, thrill seekers, and the simply curious.

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