Scary Scantily Clad Dancy Ride

After all the fun I had at Tipsy Bike’s performance at Northern Spark, there’s little chance I’m missing this event!

Curse the heavens, toss yer lucky trinkets to the wayside and traipse about town in a fun filled evening ride complete with mobile tunes and dance oriented visuals! Arrive draped in frightful costumes or a few sparse rags in accordan…ce with your preference and the heat. We’ll ride to and from numerous locations to catch our collective breath, drink up and drop it while it’s hot. All are welcome and encouraged to tempt fate and attend. Luck be damned! We’re looking to coordinate with the Demonicat ride. As such this might be an after party or a no go. We’ll see. It’s really dependent on people’s interest… The more folks who sign up for this event the better its chances!

More details TBA.  See the Facebook event for more details and to RSVP.