See Barbeque for FREE via Radical Hospitality

Barbeque opens September 30th (preview on 9/29) at the Mixed Blood Theatre. Tickets for purchase are available for guaranteed admission but you can also see this show for FREE with their Radical Hospitality program. The show runs through October 16, 2016.

BARBECUE is a darkly funny new play that turns the traditional family comedy on its head, forcing hilarious and uneasy revelations about the assumptions we make about poverty, race and social class.

The whiskey-swilling, chain-smoking, foul-mouthed O’Malley family has gathered in the park to stage an intervention disguised as a barbecue for their sister Barbara, whose drug use has spiraled out of control. With an intervention plan learned from reality television, the siblings bicker and argue about the family’s history and their own addictions as they wait for the guest of honor. Barbara’s arrival reveals a stunning twist that leaves audiences alternating between shock and laughter.

What begins as a slapstick comedy of the drunk leading the drugged transforms into a larger story of race, class, and America’s appetite for misery as entertainment.