SkyRide: The Elevated Monorail Biking and Rowing Machine

I love getting a workout when it feels more like fun activity than a task to complete.   Minnesota inventor Scott Olson has invented a monorail that is human powered by either biking or rowing.

“[The SkyRide] a cross between a roller coaster and a fitness machine because it rides on a track suspended in the air. We have two machines: the pedaler and the rowing machine. [People get their workout by rowing or pedaling the machine while suspended in the air.] Instead of going to the health club and going nowhere on the cardio machines, here you are on the track and going somewhere, moving and going fast.”  See also, today’s StarTribune article.

If you’re wondering how to avoid crashing into other users, the elevated mono-rail bike has lane changing ability.

I cannot wait to try this device!  According to their website, there is a SkyRide at Fitness Farm in Minnesota, however, a google search for this mysterious “fitness farm” did locate any relevant results.  I have a feeling that the SkyRide is not yet open to the public.  If you have more info, let me know!