Star Tribune Beach Blast mini-recap

A boat made of milk cartons

This past Sunday I went to the Star Tribune Beach Blast.  I wanted to see the Women’s World Cup Championship as well, so my time at the Beach Blast was very rushed.  Although it was scortching hot, a lot of people attended this event.  There were plenty of flavored ice vendors and, of course, the lake to help attendees stay cool.  I’m sad I didn’t get to see more of the milk carton boat races.  The most impressive boat I saw is pictured above.  This boat is truly incredible and I wish I could have seen it race as it seems quite brilliant – in theory.  The sand castle competition was also neat to see, however, most castles were still very much in progress by the time we left.  To view the end results, click here.  It would have also been super fun to try out the free canoe and paddle boards available for use for free.

Next year, I’ll be back!