Strawberry season is here

Strawbery season has me thinking of strawberries a lot lately.  I’ve already shared my tip about Tugg’s strawberry lemonade but I have a few more to share as well.

First, Izzy’s Ice Cream is pretty famous in these parts and for good reason.  Izzy’s flavors are really incredible and the creaminess of their ice cream is so fantastic that all I can say is “wow.”  My favorite flavor of ice cream at Izzy’s is strawberry creme fraiche.  Creme fraiche is very similar to sour cream but has a higher fat content and is more fluid.  It may initially sound a tad odd to mix creme fraiche with strawberry but I can assure you it’s AMAZING.  This ice cream is not too sweet and the sour and strawberry really work together well.  I suppose it’s similar to a strawberry daiquiri, which requires lime juice to really make it interesting.  Izzy’s Ice Cream scoops come with an Izzy scoop, a small scoop of a second flavor.  I’d mix the strawberry creme fraiche with banana, chocolate or cake mix for a perfect combo.

My husband’s favorite fruit dip is also fantastic with strawberries and is similar in concept.  To prepare this fruit dip mix sour cream, brown sugar and Grand Marnier (optional) to taste.