Sun Serpent

Sun Serpent opens February 28th at the Mixed Blood Theatre.  Tickets are available for purchase but you can also see this show for FREE with their Radical Hospitality program.  The show runs through March 21, 2014.

Three actors, in three languages, joined by a multitude of masks and media, perform more than 20 roles in this visually sumptuous story of Aztec culture and the conquest of Mexico. At the center of the story is Anáhuac, a young boy who sees Cortés arrive and wonders if he is the Sun Serpent of Aztec legend (Quetzalcoatl), rising from the sea to bring peace and free his people from the oppression of Moctezuma. Realizing otherwise, he sets out to warn his older brother, who’s marching with the conquistadors. The two brothers grapple with identity as the world around them changes forever.