The Juiciest Hamburger in the Twin Cities

Try me and you won’t be disappointed!

I had the pleasure of attending a Yelp event last night held at the new Republic at Seven Corners in Minneapolis.  At this event, I got to try the juiciest hamburger I’ve ever tasted.  There was plenty of great food at this event but the burger stood out.  I’m not much of a food expert but I do know a good burger.  Republic’s burger is made from local, grass-fed beef and was so juicy that it was glistening from every angle.  It’s truly impressive and made for an absolutely delicious burger.  I know it wasn’t a fluke either because I had about three sliders and they were all equally as amazing.  They also make their own ketchup since from the bottle clearly won’t do when you’re paying this much attention to a hamburger!

I feel in love with the aged cheddar, bacon and carmelized onion burger but they also feature:

  • red wine reduction, brie
  • guacamole and pico de gallo
  • St. Pete’s bleu cheese, bacon
  • Garlic confit, tomato, aioli

Al burgers are $9 and can be ordered as a turkey burger for no extra charge.  My husband went gaga for their turkey burger but I couldn’t diverge from the drool-worthy beef.

DEAL ALERT: Get a hamburger for $5 during happy hour from 4-6pm daily.

Republic at Sever Corners Reviews in Minneapolis