The Last Laugh – A Murder Mystery

Looking for some comedy this Halloween?  Consider The Last Laugh “a whodunit comedy show.”

Someone’s killing comics, but detectives Spade and Ox are on the case.


Sam Spadino and Sidney Oxborough as detectives Spade and Ox.

Mike Linden as Barry Deepe – A bookie with a bad taste for blackmail and a worse taste for knock-knock jokes. For a price he can keep a secret, just not on stage.

Nick Hennen as Tony Rubble – A crooked lawyer who will say anything to keep his clients or himself out of trouble. Spends more time in the comedy club than the courtroom.

Sam Wilbur as Charlie Razy – When he’s not telling jokes he’s telling fortunes and reading palms. He’s not very good at either.

Alex Stein as Shorty Tall – A drug dealer that gets high on his own supply. Also a comedian that laughs at his own jokes.

Carolyn Blomberg as Allison Tacker – Leader of the 7 deadly Allison’s, a gang of former escorts turned killers for hire. She has yet to kill on stage however.

Marty Loso as Penn Atensury – A narc, a snitch, a rat, a stool pigeon; call him anything, just not a comic.

Saturday, October 27, 2012
The Comedy Corner Underground
1501 Washington Ave S
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454
Tickets are $9 in advance/ $10 at the door.  The theater is small so advanced ticket reservations are recommended.