The Luminary Loppet

Last night, my husband and I attended the Luminary Loppet for the first time.  It was a truly magical experience and I cannot recommend this event more!  The weather was perfect (25 degrees, no wind) and everyone was in festive spirits.  The 1,200 ice luminaries lit up the Lake of the Isles with a soft glow.  There were multiple lanes going around the lake so it wasn’t too crowded, although the lake was packed with xc skiers, skate skiers, snow shoers, dogs, kid ski pulk/sleds and people just wanting to check out the action!  We enjoyed stopping at points around the lake to see the fire dancers, get some hot coco and cookies, sit by fire pits, visit the illuminated forest and the ice pyramid. We would have loved to go twice around the lake and check out the tent after-party but we had to head to Bella Naughty.  Next year, we’ll be back no doubt!

Here are some pictures we took of the event.