The Minnesota Lynx

Photo courtesy of the MN Lynx Facebook Page posted by Shawn Carlson

I feel shamed to say that last night was my first time seeing the Minnesota Lynx in action.  Minnesota’s WNBA team has made us proud the past few years and has lost few games since 2011, their league championship winning season.  Lynx games are great because you get to see some high quality basketball played by some women that are really worth rooting for.  I loved how much these ladies worked as a team, as compared to mens NBA hoops.  A lot of the beauty in basketball is found in amazing team plays and there were plenty at last night’s game.  This is not to say though that you wont see a lot of showy, individual moves.  Our Lynx players have plenty of these in their skill set, but the game is more balanced and doesn’t consist of one player hogging the ball to up their personal stats.  Such great displays of teamwork make Lynx games great for kids.  As an athlete, I left very inspired by these ladies.

Don’t be a fool like me and wait so long to catch a game.  They are great fun!

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