The Women in Crisis Film Series: The Incomporable DELTA BURKE

The Women in Crisis Film Series is great if you need to laugh so hard you cry.  Watch a horrible Lifetime Original movie while a panel of
lively gays mock the film in real time. The past two events have sold out so be sure to get your tickets in advance if you are interested!

Her biological clock kept ticking…. then it EXPLODED!  Here’s one way to describe this insanely psychotic campfest of a tv-movie: “Distraught over the loss of her child-bearing capability, an angry woman (Delta Burke, obvs) decides to exact revenge on the medical staff who performed an emergency hystorectomy without her consent.” Believe us when we tell you that doesn’t do it justice.  Delta Burke goes full-on OTT borderline personality ridicu-genius in this one. Highlights include an extended chase scene on the edge of a cliff where she tries to run a guy over with her SUV (it’s harder than you think!!) and of course, tossing the occasional hated medical professional down an elevator shaft.  If you’re gay and you miss this your card is revoked but, as always with the Women in Crisis Film Series, as the height-challenged psychic in the movie Poltergeist says:“ALL ARE WELCOME!!!!!!!!”

Bone up on your Delta Burke trivia and win a prize!

Saturday, March 31, 2012
Bryant Lake Bowl Theater
810 W. Lake St.

TICKETS: $5-$10 (pay what you can)