The Yoga Crawl Ride II

It’s Springtime in Minneapolis, and that means sunshine, bike rides, and – let’s face it, we all slacked off a bit this winter – sore muscles. We know. We’re sore too.

BUT DON’T FRET. Recovery Bike Shop has got you covered.

Because The Yoga Crawl Ride is back!

Join us as we travel around the city on a slow paced group bike ride and go do FREE YOGA at three of our favorite local studios around Minneapolis.

Never been on a group bike ride? Never done yoga? We hear ya! And we’re making sure that this is a beginner friendly event in every sense! This bike ride travels at the pace of our slowest rider, and the yoga classes are 101 level.

So if you’re an expert biker or yogi, show up and help our new friends see what a wonderful and inclusive community we’ve got going. And if you’re new to either of these activities, you can show up with our assurance that there will be nothing but positivity, yoga, bikes, and snacks waiting for you.

1) Your bike!
2) A smile!
3) A bike lock!
4) A yoga mat (if you’ve got one…we’ll have some available if not, too, though!)

Tickets are completely free, but because of yoga studio constraints, the ride is capped at 60 people split into two groups.


Sunday, April 26, 2015
12 or 12:30 launches
Click here to claim your tickets