TICKET GIVEAWAY: Babe Lincoln & the Vajazzled Badge of Courage

Twin Cities comedy legends Katy McEwen and Lauren Anderson take on the War on Women, the adornment of your ladybits, the meaning of life, the rising price of shoes…nothing is sacred and everything is on the table for two of the nation’s best writers and improvisers. Four score and seven years from now you’re gonna wish you had seen this show!

Although Babe Lincoln seems directly geared toward women, it’s not just chick humor and I know guys will enjoy it quite a bit too.

I am so thrilled to have THIRTY PAIRS OF TICKETS TO GIVEAWAY for performances this weekend.  There are three options, Thursday, February 7th at 7:30pm, Friday, February 8th at 8pm and Saturday, February 9th at 5pm.  To grab your tickets, comment on this Facebook post with the date for which you want to attend.  The first 10 to respond for each date will be on the will-call list for two tickets.

If you aren’t fast enough to win tickets, you can still obtain super discounted $5 tickets for these shows with coupon code FIVER while supplies last (Reg. $25-30). Click here to purchase tickets online.

Since Brave New Workshop is being so generous to all you budget-minded readers, please do purchase snacks and drinks at the show to support the theater!