Tryorama: A Diorama Fair for Grown-Ups

Have recent world events got you experiencing feelings of malaise, powerlessness and stress-induced swamp crack? Do your keyboard calloused paws yearn for the simple gratification of manual craft labor? Are you a member of the Michael’s Magic Skull Premium Rewards Program?

Well then TRY this on for size…

As the fartfire of 2016 comes to a close and the impending 2017 dingledisaster dawns, Grown-Up Club is confronting our existential crises the only way we know how: through juvenile alliteration and cardboard-based craft projects. Tryorama, a grade school-style diorama fair for grown-ups, invites you to cast aside this garbage reality and build the future you want to see–literally.

Working under the theme “American Lyfe: 50 Years in the Future,” participants will imagine a scene from their ideal future America, craft a 3D diorama of it using materials of their choosing, then present their work to the public at Tryorama. A-list celebrity judges will score the dioramas based on a series of set criteria, and the winner will be presented with $100 cash in a dazzling, many expense-spared awards ceremony.

If you’d like to participate, read the full guidelines and submit your diorama idea here:
Space is limited!

Tryorama is free and open to the public.

Sunday, January 29, 2017
Sisyphus Brewing
712 W Ontario Ave, # 100, Minneapolis,