UPDATE: growing your own citrus in MN

the lemon tree blooms

I passed an exciting milestone recently.  The dwarf meyer lemon tree I purchased last year has not only survived a full year but is blooming again (= more lemons)!  Based on all my gardening related posts, you may have the impression that I may have some talent for gardening but you would be wrong.  I’m awfully fond of plants but I typically end up killing them or not taking care of them properly so they look all sprawly or pathetic.  That said, it should give anyone great confidence that they too can grow their own citrus, even in an apartment in Minnesota.  Last year, my one year old tree produced about 8 lemons of varying size.  Most were about half the size of what you would find in a grocery store but perfectly suitable for making lemonade or adding to glases of water.  We even made some limoncello, which is in the freezer for preservation.  It’s absolutely delicious!  The taste is lemony but also has a hint of floral notes.

For more information on how you can grow your own citrus, see my prior post.