Valentines Gift for a Minnesota Girl

Ugg Turn Cuff Gloves $160

I don’t pretend to know every girl in Minnesota but I believe it would be hard to find one who wouldn’t appreciate these incredible Ugg Turn Cuff Shearling Gloves. I have a pair of these in a sand color and they are fantastic as compared to other gloves I have worn because they are stylish yet warm.  These gloves are also rather long so they cover your wrists really well.  There is nothing worse than having to grab a freezing cold steering wheel each morning and every day your sweetie will think of you as the warm shearling insulates her hands form the cold.

The price may seem steep at $160 but aren’t gifts supposed to spoil your loved one?  These gloves are available in a chic valentine’s day red but also more muted colors if red is too bold.