Cranksgiving is an annual charity ride/race to support local food shelters that host Thanksgiving meals!

Gather at 1:00 pm at Gold Medal Park. Event Organizers will hand out manifests and envelopes that identified the stops of ride (selected grocery stores and markets around MPLS). You can team up or ride solo and choose your route, any route.

Your goal is to ride to each site and buy food items from the ‘Cranksgiving Shopping List’ which identifies different thanksgiving foods that the sponsoring shelter has suggested. It is up to you how much food you pick up; some people stay lightweight and pick up the beans, gravy mix, noodles, etc; other will go for gold and buy Turkeys and sack of potatoes!! Last year, riders spent between $10 and $150 on shopping list items.

Come one, come all! This event is both bikejerk/crustpunk and family-friendly.

Saturday, November 19, 2011
1:00 pm
Gold Medal Park