Guerilla Haiku Movement comes to Minneapolis

Armed only with sidewalk chalk, your own vitality and a digital camera; in the company of strangers that are soon-to-be kindred spirits, you will temporarily and eloquently change the face of this city- and thereby the world.

Participants will be randomly split into groups of 5-8.  Bring friends, family, people you run into on the way over that are clearly full of joy.  But recognize that it is essential that you want to play with others (unknown others).  For such is the spirit of the event.

Each group will be given a scavenger hunt, a map of one neighborhood in their city, a bucket of sidewalk chalk and one person must have a digital camera. Together you will travel to your ‘hood.  Once there, the magic begins.  Inspired by the place and each other, you will create haiku to decorate that place.  Engage as many passers-by as you wish and then document your work with photos.

A celebration will follow at 6pm.  The location and details for the celebration will be made known to participants on the day of the event.

Saturday, September 24, 2011
Meet at the Lake Harriet Rose Garden
4124 Roseway Road
Minneapolis, MN 55409
Event page
Free to participate