Cats opened in Minneapolis last night to thunderous applause at the Orpheum Theater. It was a packed house – this musical is indeed beloved; it is perhaps also unforgettable. The costumes and the music alone are legendary; the choreography is diverse and demanding “ballet, tap, modern – all in one pair of shoes!” exclaims one enraptured audience member.

As presented by the Hennepin Theater Trust, “Cats tells the tale of one magical night when an extraordinary tribe…gathers for its annual ball to rejoice and decide which cat will be reborn.” As a child of the 80s, the legwarmers and big hair take me back to a time when these were the height of fashion, when there was time each day for play, when imagination was better than anything on a screen, and good would eventually triumph. Cats is fantasy; it is also an invitation to bring imagination to life, in our own, two-legged world.

The live orchestra more than does justice to Webber’s Tony-winning score, and the singing is the kind that will send chills down one’s spine. The show is also family friendly; I believe most children will enjoy the show, though I think it’s the adults who are fully under its spell.

If Cats is on your must-see list, there is no time to waste in procuring a ticket. Come Halloween, all you will have left is a pumpkin, as the show closes at week’s end.

Cats is playing at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis from now through October 30, 2022. Tickets start at $65.

DEAL ALERT: In-person student and educator rush available for all performances of Cats:
• 2 ticket limit per valid Student/Educator ID
• Starts 2 hours prior to show in person at the Orpheum Theatre
• Line forms outside the theatre

Review by Kavita Battula, photo by Matthew Murphy