Last evening was my second time seeing Six in St. Paul. Six is a somewhat unique in structure for a Broadway show in that it lacks the traditional progression of scenes with sets and props. It’s more like a reality show concert battle in which the six wives of Henry VIII engage with the audience and “battle” to reclaim their identities from the historical footnotes.  Along with a few group numbers, each wife has her own song with a unique musical style all in the orbit of pop music.  Lyrically, the show is impressive, crafted in a way that captures that witty, smart, and captivating air from Hamilton, but in a package that is all its own. The melodies are extremely catchy and the performers are something to hoot and holler for. Perhaps my only negative critique is the direction taken with Anne Boleyn played by Zan Berube. This character has historically been portrayed as rather cheeky, however, this latest production turns her into an overly aggressive Glinda with no depth or reprieve. This creative direction, in my opinion, didn’t allow Berube to shine to her full potential. My favorite performances were by Gerianne Perez and Amina Faye in their respective songs “No Way” and “Heart of Stone.” These two songs are the most vocally challenging of the bunch and were a pure delight to experience live. Overall, there’s enough glitter, bright lights, and high-energy to rock a stadium. It’s a fabulously good time and I can’t recommend enough that you catch this show while it’s in town.

SIX is at The Ordway in St. Paul though November 6, 2022. Tickets start at $56. Rush tickets are indicated to not be available as few seats are still available for this run.

Photo by Joan Marcus