REVIEW: Hamilton

Hamilton. The musical about America’s founding father, Alexander Hamilton, told through a mix of rap and song, won a gazillion awards (11 Tonys, 7 Oliviers, a Grammy, a freaking Pulitzer!) and is still the hottest ticket in the country even years after its debut. Does the National Tour live up to the hype? Is this a show worth the ticket price? Yes and yes!

Hamilton is not a musical you can fully appreciate by simply listening to the cast recording as the cast recording fails to convey many of the other aspects that make Hamilton such a treat to experience in person. For one, the cast is fully aware of their responsibility to ticket holders. I have never witnessed such energy and commitment to giving the audience their very best performance each and every night. Oftentimes, for the national touring shows that make their way to the Twin Cities, I find myself wishing the actors would dig a little deeper and deliver on the various emotional moments in the show. Not so with Hamilton. There are so many opportunities for the actors to shine and there was not one when in which I felt the performers were going through the motions.  The energy it takes to perform this show is simply incredible. The cast recording simply cannot replicate the booming orchestra, the sweat flying, the vibrant choreography and dynamic blocking on stage, and the powerful emotion expressed through the actors’ every facial twitch.

The cast is extensive and it’s difficult to note standout performers as they are all absolutely in-cred-i-ble. I was going to praise the actor who played King George as this is a difficult role in which the audience has very specific expectations and he really delivered with “chef’s kiss” perfection. Upon review of the cast listing for the night I noticed he (Bryson Bruce) is a standby for the role! Hamilton has and will continue to attract the best talent.

As indicated above, Hamilton is one hot ticket and, as such, it’s not easy to obtain tickets for any seat during its run but the SUPER AMAZING TICKET LOTTERY is a great option to take advantage of if you’re on a budget.

Hamilton is at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis through May 6, 2023.

Photo by Joan Marcus