REVIEW: Huge Improv

Now that Covid is a little less of an imminent threat, I’m back starting to revisit some of my favorite places including Huge Theater in Minneapolis. Huge Theater features numerous improv groups almost every night of the week at times to please early birds, night owls and everyone in between. The particular night I went, I saw Poppa Pia! and The Shrieking Harpies. Each group had a nonstop act of pure improv comedy, which would often break into song like a musical. As with all improv comedy, there is no script and each show will differ. It’s fun going in and having no idea what to expect other than it’s going to be silly. The crowd is diverse and the atmosphere is quite welcoming. Huge Theater is a great place to head for a casual, laid back evening, no matter who you are.

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DEAL ALERT #2: Improv-A-Go-Go is every Sunday night and tickets are Pay-What-You-Can!