Review: Smack Shack at the 1029 Bar

As a surprise, I took my husband to the 1029 Bar for a Smack Shack lobster roll for his birthday.  After seeing a large crowd for the Smack Shack food truck in downtown Minneapolis, I looked into this food truck and found out they one of Bon Appetite’s BEST LOBSTER ROLLS IN THE COUNTRY!  Who knew Minneapolis was the place to get lobster??

The Smack Shack food truck operates in downtown Minneapolis during weekdays and operates the kitchen at the 1029 Bar most evenings and weekends.  The 1029 Bar is a police hangout in NE Minneapolis.  It’s rather divey and has the feel of a small town bar.  Everyone one who was there knew each other and probably stopped in nightly.  Nonetheless, we received a warm welcome and the staff was great.

I am not a lobster fan so I decided to go with the bacon mac and cheese.  This dish was by no way healthy but it was really tasty.  The breadcrumbs gave it some nice texture and they didn’t skimp on the bacon.  They add corn to this dish which didn’t make it better or worse in my opinion.  My husband really enjoyed his lobster roll and was impressed by the amount of lobster on it.  He also liked how the dressing was light and it wasn’t simply some lobster lost in gobs of mayo.  I had a taste of the buttery Texas toast it’s served on and that alone was delicious.

The mac and cheese is $7 and the lobster roll is $12.  For the amount and quality of food you get, it’s a good deal!