REVIEW: Stomp!

I first saw Stomp! back in 2011 during it’s national tour in St. Paul.  I remembered being blow away by the amazing percussion ensemble, so I jumped at the opportunity to see this show again.  I must admit, I came into the theater with a bit of a mistaken impression of what I would see this time around.  I thought that Stomp! was a group that changed up or added new bits to its performances from year to year.  This was not the case, however, and I believe that the performance I saw last night was likely the exact same show that I saw back in 2011.  While it is undoubtedly a fun time and I really enjoyed the show, I’ll admit that it left me just a bit disappointed.  Stomp! features a blend of tap dance and alternative percussion featuring everyday items from brooms and dustpans to (literally) the kitchen sink.  Can you imagine a musical and artistic piece that solely relies on a bunch of Zippo lighters?  It’s incredible!  This show is exceptionally well-produced and I dare anyone to tell me they were not impressed with a Stomp! performance.  If you haven’t seen Stomp! before, do add it to your bucket list.  Now may also be a good time as there are some discount tickets available via Goldstar and I expect that rush tickets may also be available for most performances, which run through October 23, 2016 at the Ordway in St. Paul.