REVIEW: The Pink Unicorn

Bring your families, friends, church group and bookclub to The Pink Unicorn at Illusion Theater in downtown Minneapolis. This amazing play will not only give you lots to discuss, but may even touch your hearts and change your minds.

Actor Kate Guentzel portrays a parent struggling with understanding her child who “identifies as ‘trans-queer'” and balancing her own feelings and growing awareness of her small Southern community’s inability to accommodate diversity. In this one-person, one-act play, Ms. Guentzel owns the stage with her warm and gracious presence as she talks to the audience about the difficulty of dealing with her own mother, the pastor, her daughter, the school board, the church, and her new-found and unlikely colleagues– the “underground lesbians” of her little town. No matter what your level of comfort or understanding of this topic, and of your own place in your community, this play will touch your heart. It is an honest and earnest portrayal of the delicacy and the strength of being an awakened human in a confusing world. While profoundly moving, there is also lots of humor. One is left with a sense of possibility that our lives and our world can evolve into a more loving place, where each person is encouraged to be themselves in all their beauty. In sum, Kate Guentzel’s masterful performance is one of those “don’t miss” moments in this year’s theater season.”

The Pink Unicorn is at the Illusion Theater on the 8th floor of the Cowles Center in downtown Minneapolis through April 21, 2018. Tickets start at $20.

DEAL ALERT: Goldstar has some discount tickets available.

Review by Colleen Kwong