The 4th Annual Powderhorn Art Sled Rally

(c) Anna Lethert

This Sunday, the 4th Annual Powdernhorn Sled Rally will take plate at Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis.

What the heck is a sled rally?   According to “Watch the antics of outrageous never-tried-before art sleds*, or drop in yourself with a contraption of your own. Each sled and its creator will take to a decorated hill accompanied by throngs of spectators. Live music, a warming tent, hot chocolate and coffee will round out the afternoon’s activities.”

*Art Sled: any contraption built to slide down a snowy slope in the most fashionable, ridiculous or artistic way.  Outrigger sleds, monster sleds, rocket sleds, rocket sleds, sleds from the High Veldt, leopard-skinned or snake-linked sleds, sleds that fly, hop, or go uphill, and sleds that do a few other things.

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Powderhorn Park
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