The Amazing Adventures of the Corporate Wizard

Now’s your time to get into a little role playing at The Soap Factory with their event: The Amazing Adventures of the Corporate Wizard in the Land of LARP!  This exhibition is a 3 day live action role playing event starting July 29. Local artists and players from across the state come together to participate in the Corporate Wizard’s weekend adventure.

Centering around a single character, The Corporate Wizard, the project is presented in a traditional LARP format, a structured script, controlled by a set of rules and driven by live action. Player Characters and Non-Player Characters will engage in a plot line initiated by the Corporate Wizard, a figure that embodies the morals of corporate America. Throughout the 72-hour event each Player Character will finds their way through the story line in a different way. No endings are written. The outcome of each quest is unknown.

Visitors to The Soap Factory are welcome to explore the game amidst the action. The adventure will take place primarily at The Soap Factory. But, quests will also spill into Minneapolis, even reaching the distant, mythical lands of The Walker Art Center.

Interested in volunteering or participating in the event? Please contact their volunteer coordinator, Lillian Egner, lillian[at]

This reminds me a bit of A Machine to See With!