The Museum Ride

YOU: Someone who enjoys living in a city rich with cultural history, a city that prides itself on supporting the arts, and with enough bike infrastructure to help you get from Museum A to Museum B without feeling intimidated by the route (or at least, not too badly).

BUT: Finding time to go to museums is HARD. And there are too many things to look at, and art is so much more digestible when it’s curated – like Netflix.

SO: Join us for the Recovery Bike Shop Museum Ride!

We’re bringing you on guided tours at two of our favorite museums, with a slow paced bike ride to connect the dots.

The ride will go at the pace of our slowest rider, we will stay together as a big happy group ride, and we will provide free mechanical support (tubes, adjustments, etc.) if anything goes wrong.

Totally free, totally fun, totally drug/alcohol free.

Sunday, May 31, 2015
Meet at Recovery Bike Shop
2504 Central Ave. NE